Le sweat "Ma planète"

The sweatshirt "my planet"

On the occasion of the Earth DayWe are launching our first collaboration, fruit of a meeting between children's drawings, medical moms of a message of protection of the planet and a great painter.

1 / a drawing contest to the creation of unique pieces

At the origin of this sweatshirt, a desire to Place children in the heart of creation, to share their vision of the environment and understand what "protect" means for them. More sensitive and awakened to the things of the world and the language of the lifetime, we wished that this first motive emanates from them. We who are a brand without a creator, want to pick up in the imagination of our children to translate their eyes to the world.

This Monday, April 12 begins a drawing contest (Good occupation during this non-non-confinement concerning Instagram by three moms who share our convictions:

Thanks to them to support us in all our adventures!

You will have a week to publish the drawing of your child, before each of these moms choose his favorite motif that will then be painted on a limited edition capsule by the Mexican artist Ruth Morelos

To participate :

  • Give your little artist this theme "My planet" and let him express himself freely
  • Share his artwork on Instagram with the #upessine and # dedicated to the mom to which you want to send it: #perrinedessine, #Sandradessine or #aredessine
  • Subscribe to the account of@ upe.family

The three winners will be designated the following Sunday! And then start the paint of unique pieces.

2 / Ruth Morelos: Art at the service of sustainable fashion

This project is also born from the meeting with the Mexican artist Ruth Morelos founder ofHelain, an eco-responsible brand that transforms, in a few brushes, vintage clothes into art.

Helain offers to give a second life to clothes. Each transformation is thought like a story that emerges like a painting.

Sensitive to his graphic universe and sharing the same vision of fashion, we could only meet us to offer you this limited series.


How to get the sweatshirt "My planet"?

In limited edition, The sweatshirt will be available in pre-order, for delivery within 10 days, from April 20th. 

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