Nos engagements

Nous pouvons tous agir pour offrir demain à nos enfants un monde meilleur que celui que nous leur réservons aujourd'hui. Upé veut prendre sa part et participer à l'émergence d'une mode responsable et respectueuse de l'environnement comme de l'enfance.

Each choice we have done, from design to production, has been guided by the same desire to respect childhood and protect the planet. 

100% recycled to preserve natural resources

The textile industry, the Fast Fashion, and the environment do not always mix, and this for two main causes related to overproduction:
- pollution and waste it generates
- Pressure on natural resources

Regarding waste, each year, 73% of the product textiles are found at the discharge. And only 1% is reused to produce new clothes. This is where we think consumers and creators have a role to play.

At UPAP, we have chosen from already existing materials and offer them a second life in our clothes. Our sweatshirts are therefore composed of cotton from the recycling of industrial cotton fibers and polyester, coming from plastic bottles. Thanks to this process, which does not suppose the culture of any plant, 5000L of water by sweatshirt are saved and the revalued plastics waste. We offer you waste a resource to change our production logics.

The packaging used are as minimalist and clean as possible, in accordance with our general philosophy.

Resistant and respectful to guarantee the comfort of children

This mixture between cotton and recycled polyester ensures both the comfort and resistance of the fiber obtained. The traceability of reused waste as well as the conformity of the recycling process is guaranteed by certificationGlobal Recycled Standar which has the Spanish plant producing sons.

Because our children are our most valuable good, the 100% recycled wires we use have been carefully selected and are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100. No toxic materials or chemical is in their manufacturing process to preserve the delicate skin of children and guarantee you to clothe your family of eco-responsible materials.
Made in France to give meaning to consumption
Our sweatshirts are drawn, knitted, made and packaged in France.

At each stage, we are surrounded by French companies to adopt a responsible and ethical mode of production. Producing locally is to reduce transport and therefore the carbon footprint of your garment. It is Valuing the textile sector French, preserving the know-how of our regions and trades. Thanks to the trust relationships tied, we can assure you Complete transparency Throughout manufacturing on the identity of our partners and their methods of manufacture. The Made in France This is the guarantee to know precisely every business you support with the purchase of a sweatshirt. Give meaning to consumption By anchoring in a territory and a common approach!

So we called for great frenchies to conceive upon:
- the bosses, the gradation and the prototypes were carried out in Paris,
- the sons, made by our Spanish neighbors, are knitted by the company in the sum,
- The sweatshirts are then made near Castres.

Thanks to them for their availability and support!

A sustainable cut

Composition, production but also sweatshirt have been designed to ensure sustainability. Minimalist and comfortable, its loose cut, voluntarily wide, will allow it to cross the ages of your children and resist the seasons. A strand inspired by the models of the 80s, its low armholes and its enlarged neckline are designed to withstand the test of time. This "sweatshirt" is easy to wear, easy to put on, for your children to be free from their movements, their inspirations, their games, and can grow in our sweatshirts. United and unisex, they will become a timeless basic, easily unchangeable between brothers and sisters.



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