Notre histoire

UPÉ, c'est avant tout une histoire d'amour, de reconversion et de retours à des valeurs fortes avec une envie brûlante de reconnexion à la nature.


My name is Marine. In 2019, I started sharing my life with this little human being. In preparing her arrival and dressing, I first looked at the composition of her future clothes, the conditions under which they were made, the traceability of the materials used and their impact on the environment.

After an important challenge and a deconstruction of my own relationship to clothes, I wanted to develop a new approach by putting the creation at the service of the environment. UPÉ was born of the ambition to offer children's clothing only from recycled materials. To make beautiful, simple, sustainable with what already exists, it is our bet!

The road is still long, and this project is just one step that I propose to make with me in a way that is responsible and respectful of our children and the planet.

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