The found world

Released trends and dikes from the Fast Fashion, UPAP invites you to change your relationship to clothing to come closer to nature, respecting the raw impulses of our children. Without a brilliant motive, without submission to alleged trends, we favor timeless, gross, united and mixed pieces that cross the ages and seasons. The colors, three for the first model, are inspired by the first impressions and spontaneous sensations felt by the seaside. It is in each landscape, to the closest to childhood and nature, that we will open our clothes. We want to build a minimalist cloakroom, demanding by its quality, relaxed in its pace and which attaches us to the elements.



UPAP offers "to live" clothes, whose flared cuts offer children all the freedom to play, venture and grow. Because every child is unique, the neutrality of our clothes is an invitation to the expression of their individuality.

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