Collection: Limited edition: UPÉ x Bandit Circus

This capsule is the result of three encounters: two eco-responsible brands each aspire to make the accessory and child mode more ethical and responsible; that of two universes, one basic, the other more pop; and that of two moms that a desire to undertake for their reunited children.

We are proud, alongside Alix, the founder of Bandit Circus, to offer this limited edition "Great Yeux" To start off the back of the start. We immediately cracked for his "Great Yearly" motif. Tribue to Curiosity Of children, it also symbolizes for us the benevolent gaze of the parents and the consciousness that opens to the world.

Very limited edition. All parts have been printed with certified ink GOST, in the workbench Best French Worker.

Sending guaranteed within 72 hours.

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